Saturday, April 08, 2006


Tere jane ke baad, sambhala hai,
teri yaadon ko, mere dil ko,
fir, tere aate hi sajaya hai,
khabon-khayalon ko, iss dil ko..


Blogger Hazel Dream said...

umm thodi Khatti thodi Meethi Jindagi .. Imali ki tarah

8/4/06 09:00  
Blogger Vikas Pundreek said...


11/4/06 15:14  
Blogger Nutan said...

Thanks! What's good?

12/4/06 05:45  
Blogger Vikas Pundreek said...

Normally people say "sambhala hai yaadon ko dil mein" which is little difficult to understand .. as yaadein are not in DIL.. here u kept dil and yaadein separate "teri yadoon ko, mere dil ko".. so its very interesting...

15/4/06 11:08  
Blogger Cruel Intentions said...

Pursishe Gham Ko Na,
Gham Ka Mudaava Ho Ja;
Mujhmein Dil Ban Ke Dhadak,
Mera Saraapa Ho Ja;
Toot He Na Jaayen Dharti Se Kahin Sab Rishtey,
Itna Ooncha Bhi Na Ud Thoda Neecha Ho Ja;
Akl Kehte Hai Ke Maang unse Wafaaon Ka Sila,
Dil Yeh Kehta Hai Mehroome Tamanna Ho Ja;
Riffatein Chu Ke Dikha Ishqo Mohabbat Ki "Nutan",
Usne Katra Jo Maanga Hai, Dariya Ho Ja?

21/4/06 10:06  
Blogger Nutan said...

@Cruel Intentions
Beautiful! Whose lines?

21/4/06 11:40  
Blogger Cruel Intentions said...

Whose Lines??? Now that is a "Sawaal" You should have not asked ;-)

Ok one more line to add to that "Paaon Rakhne Tak Ki Bhi Zameen Na Muyussar Hogi, Bheed So Ooncha Na Uth, Uska Hissa Ho Ja;

22/4/06 01:35  
Blogger Nutan said...

"Manzilein Bhi Teri Thi,
Raasta Bhi Tera Tha;
Ek Main Akela Tha,
Kaafila Bhi Tera Tha;"

This is not your hence I thought others might also be..

Sorry if those lines were yours and my question made you feel bad or something.

BTW, they are awesome!

22/4/06 02:08  
Blogger Cruel Intentions said...

It Was A Reply To Your Question...

As To Feeling Bad... Dat Phase Is Over For Me, Dats Why I Write What I Do...

BTW ... Nice Poetry You Have In Your Blog, Wonder Whose It Is ;-)

Kidding About The Last 4 Words In The Previous Line.

22/4/06 03:37  
Blogger Nutan said...

Good to know that. Will read your blog I'm bit busy.

Oh don't think too much, they are truly completely my thoughts/imaginations..not even inspired by anyone's writings.

22/4/06 05:05  
Blogger Cruel Intentions said...

Inspired? I Have Stopped Believing In Dat Word. Amazed, Silent, Dazed, Admire... I Still Believe In These. Inspiration I Believe Is The Description Of Your Own Dreams And Desires, Just That Someone Else Got To The Words Before You Did

22/4/06 05:53  

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