Thursday, May 04, 2006

us paar

kuchh dhuaan, kuchh gubaar,
thodi khushi, dard apaar,
le chalo mujhe ab, mere ghar,
sirf mujhe, mera naam chhorkar,
le chalo zindagi ke us paar..


Blogger Vikas Pundreek said...

Zindagi ke us paara kuch hota hai kya?

9/5/06 04:26  
Blogger Nutan said...


9/5/06 05:34  
Blogger Vikas Pundreek said...

Maut per to aa kar jindagi khatam ho jaati hai .. so i can't call it jindagi ke paar maut hai .. just a thought ..

btw .. check out my blog sometime.. recently i have added lots of stuff .. some old and some new ...

9/5/06 06:12  

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