Thursday, July 27, 2006


woh, haan woh,
rahti thi kabhi,
dil mein, dhadkan mein jo,

uski yadon ka karwan,
gujarta gaya, gujar gaya,
jane na jane kabhi,
hansi bhi aayi,
aur muskaan se bhi,
chup raha na gaya,

ab sochna kya,
aur samjhaana kya,
dil-e-barbaad ko bahlana kya,
rone ka anjaam dekha,
ab zara hans kar dekhen...


Blogger Rajiv said...

nice poems yaar... why dont you use a hindi font? it would be easier to read and look much better.

btw.. you site does not have a rss feed. i wanted to subscribe to it. maybe you havent yet enabled it in your settings. pls. do.

6/8/06 15:02  
Blogger Nutan said...

But, people who can understand but not read devnagri will not be able to get my poems, right? Also, I am too lazy to convert them all into devnagri script, now. Waise, thanks for your advice and complement!

What is "rss feed" for?

7/8/06 04:50  
Blogger Rajiv said...

its pretty easy to convert you know. there are several fonts which can be used. long time back i used to post the lyrics of some songs.. which i used to like. seeing it in hindi has a complete different effect!

rss feed is used for syndication. i have list of blogs that i follow regularly. i use the bloglines service where i subscribe to the feeds and whenever i get a chance i read them. its very convinent. here's my list of feeds.

its pretty easy to enable. go the the settings in blogger you'll see the site feed option there. just publish the site feed and its done.

7/8/06 06:02  
Blogger Nutan said...

Done with enabling the rss feed. Thanks!

8/8/06 02:31  
Blogger Nutan said...

BTW, I checked your blog today..your profile description says "A budding entrepreneur in Bangalore"..I too have such kind of dreams.

Which company are you in? Some startup?

8/8/06 07:51  
Blogger ankan said...

I read through last few poems of yours. They are interesting.

Accha hua aap aansuon se ab hansi ki or rukh kar rahi hain:).

9/8/06 08:35  
Blogger Nutan said...

ankan: You should read my oldest ones..they are good.

9/8/06 08:50  
Blogger Rajiv said...

Thanks for enabling it. You are now in my blogroll as well.

Yup.. we are a mobile systems startup. Pretty young. I left my job around 3 months ago and got into this full time. Some friends are helping out part time.

I am looking for people btw. Would be glad to meet up with you and tell you all about it if it interest's you.

9/8/06 10:40  
Blogger Nutan said...

I have changed domain from compiler-processors to telecom and, am technically good. Have high dreams too, to do something interesting. One of my friends and colleague(Motorola's winphoria division, I think you will know about winphoria) joined a startup(a good one I must say) and he asked me if I'll be interested also but I chose to be here for some more time. The one thing I find difficult is to have flexible timings like working in off hours.

That was a very short introduction about me.

I too will be glad to meet up and know about your project.

10/8/06 04:03  
Blogger Rajiv said...

You must be talking about Shailendra Thakur. I met him through a common friend of mine and told him about the stuff that I was working on. In fact I landed up at your blog through his orkut page!

Why dont we do this. Drop me a line at or call me at 99451 94380 and we can fix up some convinient time and place. I can appreciate your constraints but if you really want to do something interesting you have to slog a bit. :).

10/8/06 05:31  

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