Tuesday, September 19, 2006

tumhare panvon ke nishaan,
har taraf hawaon mein,
thodi parchhai zameen par,
thodi si aasmaan mein,
aur maine dekha tha us roz,
haan, tumhe udte huye..


Anonymous anil said...

not clear to me , wat u wann convey with this...
may be im not in sync with ur imagination...

23/9/06 01:31  
Blogger Marthyan said...

liked it

10/10/06 22:54  
Blogger Nutan said...

Thanks Marthyan!
Went through your blogs set..liked them (Leaving the malayalam one coz my browser didn't suppport the font and don't understand it well..can read and write in it though, thanks to my good four years in REC Calicut). Considering the fact that your mother tongue is malayalam I appreciate your shayari effort very much!

11/10/06 03:30  

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