Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kushh khwahishen,
kuchh ehsaas,
aur anginat waaden,
bah jaane do inhe,
ab ashkon ki dhaar mein.


Anonymous K said...

Raushni bikhri aur humne moond li palken,
Ab ujaalon ki hume koi aarzoo na rahi.

Itni tanhaiyan kaati hai dil jala kar humne,
Ab tere deedar ki koi Zustzoo na rahi...

11/2/07 07:04  
Blogger Nutan said...

Moond ke palken aur thaam ke baanhen,
chalne ki, hamari bhi aarzoo thi,

apni tanhaaiyon ko unki tanhaaiyon mein,
milaane ki, justazoo bhi thi,

Itna kuchh mere paas tha magar,
kismat se, ladne ki himmat na thi..

13/2/07 08:08  
Blogger Nutan said...

What is your name Mr. K? Do I know you?

19/2/07 06:59  
Anonymous K said...

i will tell you my name but i want to know How can you be so sure that I am Mr. K not Miss/Mrs K?

Any ways the last one you wrote was really touching…

22/2/07 09:25  
Blogger Nutan said...

My mistake. I am not at all sure. You can very well be a Miss or Mrs. also. Like from one's composition you can't make out. I can write about a guy's thoughts also.

23/2/07 03:57  
Anonymous K said...

Well Nutan, you are right. One’s writings can’t reveal anything about him/her specially if it is by imagination.
And what is in knowing the name and being acquainted with? Let’s leave it here. Let me be K only. What say?

Just reached your pages I don know when and how but kept peeping here now and then. I am sorry but sometimes I cudn’t stop myself to put few lines of my own which came up in myself after reading your imaginations. So you are my motivation for all which appeared here.

Even till now I am going through your writings one by one and comments as well. But the time-constraint doesn’t allow me to put comments so take this applause in one go: Keep this writings up and I really appreciate your mind’s eye.

23/2/07 07:27  
Blogger Nutan said...


26/2/07 01:57  
Blogger wanderer said...

Ohh you had only grown better!! keep on writing!

28/2/07 15:05  
Anonymous K said...

hey... long time no words...

23/4/07 13:04  
Blogger Rajiv said...


27/4/07 15:03  

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