Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Khushiyan chun chun ke,
bade sapne bunti hun..
Din raat ke sargam ko,
sukoon se sunti hun..
Ab duniya ki mujhko,
khabar kab kahan hai..
Meri puri duniya hai jo,
uski parwa main karti hun..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time since u updated this blog.. what's up and who is dominating all your thoughts these days?? any news.

18/5/08 17:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, It's sooo nice to see u back and this verse said a lot about where all of ur precious time is being devoted. Hope I am right I dropped in after a long time but really it was overwhelming to see such marvelous lines.

Keep coming back at least Once in a while…


26/6/08 11:39  
Blogger Chaggoholic.... said...

Nice poems....

11/9/08 06:08  
Blogger the-sagittarian-blogger said...


Stumbled upon ur page thru a frnd's.. amazing poems i must say!


25/3/09 08:58  
Blogger Nutan said...


11/6/09 17:39  
Blogger rajesh said...

nice poems, good thoughts and well written . I will keep comming to read ur blog to refresh.

18/2/10 02:39  
Blogger Vibhor Bhatia said...

Hi...this is vibhor! Am into composing music and am looking for good hindi lyrics...
If you be interested, please do email me at : bhatiavibhor@gmail.com

I can send you the guitar which we recorded..over which we would want the lyrics..! Hope to get in touch..

18/3/11 20:43  

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